Surrounded by mountains and covered in heavy winter snow, this regopn is the perfect place for fresh air and clear water.
These resouces make special rice especially prized
*1 and high quality rice means delicious Japanese sake!
Those fresh produce can also be enjoed nearly year-round, with local specialties including wild vegetables in spring,
field grown vegetables in summer, and mushrooms in fall.
If you stay with us, you can enjoy our home-style meals crafted to enhance the best of local flavors.

We sincerely would like for everyone who visit our village, Kijimadaira, to enjoy the pure taste of our local products.
This idea made us start our hospitality services. Including us, there are 34 guesthouses and shops designated as
"Hospitality spots with local foods" , where you can enjoy rice and vegetables from Kijimadaira.

We are serving dinner and breakfast at the hostel as per above idea.

PRICE(tax included)

Dinner: 1050 yen/person
Breakfast: 630yen/person

The cost is inexpensive but we are sure you will be able to enjoy our various local cuisine with satiscation.

If you will stay longer, we will serving western style meals if you need.
Especially, in case guests from European or Oceanian will stay longer, we are serving break fast by European style buffet every other day.

*1 The award-winning Kijimadaira rice won the gold medal at the International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
eliminated from approx 4000 participants from all over the world.