In August 2002, our railroad model exhibits started by the "unexpected" recommendation from a regular guests.
One night, I and several guests were talking about railroad model. Accidentally, all of us were railroad model fans.
At that time, there were no fixed diorama in the lounge but some of train set were in the storage room in my house.
One regular guest told me;

If you have one, let's play with train set from now on together !

I went back my private room, digged and found my train set in the clouded storage, and get them to the lounge to enjoyed train
driving on the floor together.
The guest told me,

If you like it, how about building train diorama in this room which will bring so many guest to this hostel, do you ?

That was really unexpected suggestion, but I decided to build train set as attraction of my hostel.
After 5years, "my works" became a really exhibit of railroad models in the lounge, which was the rare attraction possessed/run
by the hotel in Japan at that time.

It was May, 2008.

Features of our diorama

One of the features of our diorama is the realistic scenes inspiring the nostalgic local area of Japan.
And it is not only nostalgic, but the model faithfully recreate old Iiyama region such as rice field and or skiground.
With those models, guest can enjoy the world of 1960's countryside in japan, and they
can also be said to demonstrate "dreams of travel," "adoration for unknown worlds," exemplified by railways.

The other features of our train diorama is offering a train driving experience with "sound controller" which you can
get a taste of what it feels like to be a train driver. You get to operate a model train that has a camera attached to the front car,
the footage from which is displayed to you on a ascrean as you control the train .
If you hear the sounds of whisles, motors, and
the "click-clack sounds" while you driving, it will be invitation to the real journey
by the trains.

Come to Miyukinomori Youth Hostel and see for yourself the wonder of railways.

Spec of the Diorama

Scale: 1/150
1800mm x 2400mm
Total length of rails: 17m
Number of Trains: approx 100cars including onboard camera car,
Service hours: 20:00〜22:00
Charge: Free
Age: More than 4 years old